2024 Updates


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  • Updated Pricing Effective Date: May 17, 2024
  • Note: Orders placed before May 17th, 2024, will be honored at the previous pricing.

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  • These are not brand new for 2024 but you should definitely consider!

The New Look of

AlphaSynth, Super-Synth, Fast, and Valve Oil 2000

  • This new crystal-clear bottles offer easy visibility, and feature stylish, modern labeling and offer the durability characteristic of PET.
  • These sturdy bottles are designed to resist shattering, a vital feature for the bustling environments of rehearsal spaces and band rooms.
  • Additionally, their user-friendly design includes an easy-to-squeeze body and a precision dropper tip, ensuring effortless and accurate application.  
  • PET is also a widely recycled material, helping to reduce environmental impact.

As we make this running change, you may receive some old-style HDPE opaque bottles.  Never fear!  The formulas for each oil remain the same.

Child Resistant Packaging Options Now Available for 2 oz (60ml)

for AlphaSynth, Super-Synth, Fast, and Valve Oil 2000

For the first time, our larger 2-ounce (60ml) size is now available with a child-proof cap!

Each bottle of 2 oz AlphaSynth, Super-Synth, Fast, and Valve Oil 2000 can be fitted with a child-resistant cap for added safety. It also comes with a rear hazard label for clear information, and a tactile triangle label to aid visually impaired users.

For the first time, our larger 2-ounce (60ml) size is now available with a child-proof cap!

Superslick One Piece Silk Oboe Swab

100% Habotai Silk ~ Cut, sewn, surged, and packaged at our facility in Elkhart, Indiana!
Our Superslick Once Piece Oboe Silk swab is an absorbent, 100% silk swab. No need to remove the upper or lower joint.

Available in a variety of colors. Fits easily in your instrument case.
Washable and reusable ~ Clam shell packaging

Faxx Flex Ligatures

Faxx has partnered with BG France, cobranding their popular Flex Ligatures, complete with mouthpiece cap. The perfect combination of the legendary BG France high-quality materials and craftsmanship,

along with the quality and economical value of Faxx accessories.

Made from synthetic fabric, the ligatures are perfect for the advancing student, as a step-up in your rental fleet, or as a standard for school music programs which require a strap ligature, complete with a high-quality ABS cap.

Give it a try and you’ll see why it’s the leader of the pack!

Spacefiller Pad Life


Pad Life was developed to help eliminate sticking pads and clean the tone holes of the ‘waxy build up’ that happens with leather pads.

The philosophy of Pad Life is to keep the ‘pores’ of the leather clean and open so that the moisture can pass through the leather into the felt backing and backout… which will extend the life of the pads. Other types of products seem to want to prevent the moisture from getting ‘into’ the pad…but that seems to be the way a pad is made.

This product will not make the pad gummy, one can not use too much of it or use it too often. Within an hour, the pad will be back to it’s color, being dry and leaving the leather more softer and flexible without changing the ‘seat’ of the pad.